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    Horn systems designed for you, your vehicle and the environment you use

Fifth generation horns designed to eliminate problems when changing the horns on any vehicle.

5 G Horns is a NEW MARCO authorized website to provide a US source for the MARCO TORNADO, TORNADO SPLIT, Tornado cold weather, the HURRICANE 300 cycle horn as well as the EXTREME horn. MARCO is the world innovator in design and production of warning devices with the release of these warning devices.  The Marco horns are designed to eliminate the 9 problems associated with wield failures of other mini compressor horns.  The 24 volt horns provide the industrial and construction industry with very loud warning devises that can be heard above the site ambient noise, and will operate at normal sound levels to -13 degrees F.

MARCO has a history of more than 35 years in providing high-quality, competitively priced warning devices with leading edge engineering and manufacturing technology to the transportation industry;  car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile,emergency vehicle, train and marine manufacturers  along with sales to the after markets for these industries.

Products on this site are available directly from our U.S. warehouse.   Bulk quantities are available from Marco - contact 231 342 1103 ,

Marco Tornado 12 Volt cold weather Cold Weather

Marco Hurricane 12 Volt

Marco Tornado 12 Volt split horn


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Marco Tornado Horn 12 Volt

Marco XTreme Blast 24 Volt

MARCO Hurricane Horn 24 Volt

Marco Tornado Split compressor/sound unit 24 Volt

Marco Tornado Horn 24 Volt

Marco Cold Temperature Tornado 24 V Horn

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