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5G Horns - Fifth generation MARCO TORNADO, Hurricane and Extreme Blast horns is designed to eliminate the field problems customers experienced with the old design compact air horns available in the marketplace.  The MARCO  HORN design eliminates compressor failures like brush, connector and the compressor comming apart; as well as the failure of compressor air pressure loss due to air leakage between the compressor and the sound unit.

               - Fifth generation MARCO TORNADO, Hurricane and Extreme Blast HORNS are horns designed with frequency different from the ambient sound frequency as heard on the highway when traveling around 70 mph.  Just as the sound of the lone piccalo carries above the rest of the much louder orchestra, the Slightly higher frequency of the MARCO TORNADO HORN can be heard above the highway noise even if it is louder.

              - Fifth generation MARCO TORNADO and Hurricane  HORNS have available a special compressor that gives sound level performance down to -7 degrees F.

              - Each horn has a 1 year  warranty against factory defects, is designed for easy mounting.  Wiring harnesses are available for convience of wiring attachment.  

             - Each horn is available in 12 and 24 volt options.